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2009-05-04 08:58:50 by chaoshunter476

Music is cool.


2009-02-16 12:08:15 by chaoshunter476

I am tired and you people need to go away :(
no really the animation was a fail :( episode 1 is not coming and I am making a RPG so be ever more patient.


the other animation that I made was a test, so I figured why not put it on Newgrounds and see how it goes, well it got blammed so yeaaaaah.....

so in other news Sonic and Shadow: Death Match Ep.1 is being worked on right now so be patient.
also I have Darkness rises 1, 2 and 3 sheet music up for sale, so contact me if you want buy them and I will give you the price.

PS... also a sneak word about the episode, it will be a cliff hanger, so yeah this is gonna take a lot of time to make this, be patient and I may just get the Animation before The end of November. MAYBE!!!!!

Sonic and Shadow: Death Match ep.1 is in progress

Coming soon.

2008-11-10 19:08:46 by chaoshunter476

I have Darkness rises Mvt.3 and a sonic sprite animation on it's way.
can't wait for them personally myself.

Coming soon.

okay the intro did not go so well soooo. moving on to episode 1.
I will have improved animation some voices and better tasteful music, for all who did not like my music.
I will put twice as much effort as I did before so yeah it is gonna be approved by all my friend before I post it, so just sit back and be patient.
also check my deviant art account for more news though I probably wont update that as much though.

flash animation

2008-08-27 14:00:41 by chaoshunter476

I am making a flash animation, and am making it very slowly.
the title of the animation is sonic and shadow, the animation will be completed and if I get to the point that people actually like my animation, then I will actually make a few seasons and possibly a movie.
As for the third movement of darkness rises, it will be completed I maybe will make a fourth one, I am not sure, let me get the third one done first.

flash animation