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Sonic and Shadow: Death Match ep.1 is in progress

2008-11-23 11:08:10 by chaoshunter476

the other animation that I made was a test, so I figured why not put it on Newgrounds and see how it goes, well it got blammed so yeaaaaah.....

so in other news Sonic and Shadow: Death Match Ep.1 is being worked on right now so be patient.
also I have Darkness rises 1, 2 and 3 sheet music up for sale, so contact me if you want buy them and I will give you the price.

PS... also a sneak word about the episode, it will be a cliff hanger, so yeah this is gonna take a lot of time to make this, be patient and I may just get the Animation before The end of November. MAYBE!!!!!

Sonic and Shadow: Death Match ep.1 is in progress


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2009-01-30 18:53:54

I will be sure to view it and vote. Just PM me when it comes out.

Oh, and thanks for the good review on Pokemon Sprite Movie Ep.4

chaoshunter476 responds:

your welcome :)