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flash animation

2008-08-27 14:00:41 by chaoshunter476

I am making a flash animation, and am making it very slowly.
the title of the animation is sonic and shadow, the animation will be completed and if I get to the point that people actually like my animation, then I will actually make a few seasons and possibly a movie.
As for the third movement of darkness rises, it will be completed I maybe will make a fourth one, I am not sure, let me get the third one done first.

flash animation


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2008-10-03 18:58:18


(Updated ) chaoshunter476 responds:

thanks for commenting, nobody has seen it, your the first one.
I will be making a sprite instead of a art animation, It's a lot harder than I thought.
Oh! and check out my audios. isten/165993 isten/163431


2008-10-20 19:03:11

kooool i used to love sonic teh hedgehogzzzz shadow is my fav! the drawing is....well you know it needs work.....but its still alright for your first flash. oh maybe make the nose a bit biggererer

chaoshunter476 responds:

I changed my mind on the animation it will be sprite animation.